10 Best Book for Data Structures and Algorithms

If you are looking for an excellent job with a massive salary package in Dream Companies like Google, Facebook, Adobe, Microsoft, and Amazon, you must have a perfect concept in DSA (Data Structures and Algorithms ). This article has discussed the best book for Data Structures and Algorithms for Beginners to Advanced levels of programmers.

You can find many websites to read data structures & Algorithms, but studying from online sites, you may miss some chapters or essential concept which is necessary for interviews.

Now Let’s talk about problem-solving in programming. You can solve any problem statement in your way, or you can say it’s my choice to solve the problem, but when coming to the real programming world, you wouldn’t know it’s your choice or method of solving any problem the concept of Data Structures and Algorithms Comes.

Best Book for Data Structures and Algorithms 2020

1. Introduction to Algorithms by Author Thomas HC

The current edition is the 3rd edition and written by four writers. One of the writers is Thomas H. Cormen, whose another very popular book is called Unlocked Algorithm.

This is one of the favourite books for every programmer. It covers all the necessary algorithms, problem-solving techniques with diagrams, dynamic programming, Amortised analysis and all other concepts. It gives concept like everything practical and implementing algorithms, and also easier to readers.

  • Best book for learning algorithms
  •  programming language is simple and easy to understand
  • Easy to understand
  • Not recommended for absolute beginners

2. Algorithms Unlocked written by Author Thomas HC

This book deeply explained how computers use algorithms for problem-solving. It gives detail idea about using algorithms for solving real-world problems. it has explained about searching, sorting, string, cryptography, data compression and many more algorithms which makes the problem easier to solve. This book is recommended for beginners also.

  • Computer Algorithms are explained in detail
  • Easy to understand
  • solved problems and examples
  • Not so far

3. DS Algorithms Made Easy by N. K.

This is one of the favourite choices for beginners and seniors as well.  It is easier to understand, practical real-world problem explanation. examples are written in a c programming language.

It covers all the fundamentals of data structures and their solutions. many programmers love this book because of it’ easier way of understanding. any beginners can prefer this book. it’s really easier to understand.

  • Easier to understand
  • Good choice for Freshers
  • Multiple solutions for each problem
  • Also recommended for interview and GATE Exams.
  • Cost is little bit high

4. Algo Design Manual by Steve S. S

 This is also one of the popular books for Data Structures and Algorithms, and special about this book is it has a big collection of algorithms with examples. It has written code in c, but easier to understand everything. As a beginner, it really helps you to improve your competitive problem-solving skill.

This book is recommended to every level of beginner to Advance. It has n number of graph problems which will really help you to solve problem in competitive programming.

  • Good choice for professionals
  • High Cost

5. Grokking Algo by A. B.

This is one of the famous books and loved by programmers. it covers algorithms and solved practical examples of sorting, searching, reading data compression and many more.

This book describes algorithms to the practical problems you face every day as a programmer.  it has described more about complex problems like data compression and artificial intelligence. it is written in Python programming language.

  • very friendly and practical examples have described
  • it has described example includes with helpful diagrams
  • very good  Explanation of algorithms
  • high costly

6. Algo by RS and KW

This book covers the most essential algorithm problems for sorting, searching, graph processing, and many more. The current edition has new Java implementations written in an accessible modular programming style. This book says it is also recommended to a student with interests in science, mathematics, and engineering. It’s not just only for programmer professional or computer science students.

It is Having an example of input and expected output for exercise problems, which would have been very helpful for anyone. it is a well-explained book where Algorithms with explicit implementations in Java programming langue.

  • Lots of algorithms and examples.
  • An online synopsis
  • Not so far


7. Advanced Algo. by PB

This text explains effective ways to search and update sets of numbers, intervals, or strings by various data structures. They are such as search trees, structures for sets of intervals, orthogonal range search structures, heaps, union-find structures, structures for strings, and hash tables, and many more.

This book is easier to understand, and it covers multiple topics of binary trees in detail. It also included specialized data structures like interval trees. it is much more concise and, at the same time, mathematically rigorous. The code implemented in c/c++ programming language.

  • It has deeply covered all the concepts that others haven’t covered.
  • It has used clever memory management tricks to optimize the code.
  • Not so far

8. DS Algo by SL

This is Another best book for DSA, which helps the beginners. Concept of Data Structures and Algorithms and algorithms are really easy to understand in this book. It provides a practical understanding of the concepts.  It has mentioned the presentation of algorithms in pseudo-code, and detailed discussions.

  • Easier to understand the concepts
  • Lots of great examples
  • Print quality is not good

9. Algorithms For Interviews by AZ

Especially, Algorithms for interviews are quite different than typical Data Structures and Algorithms book. If you are preparing for software engineering interviews at companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, etc. they may ask you some tricky questions on algorithms, so if you covered other DSA Basic books, you could follow this book for job interviews.

This book covers much more code over 250 programs—author specially targeted for job interview preparation.

  • Big collection of problems and approaches.
  • An excellent choice for interview preparations.
  • Not So Far

10. DS Algo in Java

It is a simpler language and easy to understand, and more practical problems from real-world scenarios. This book includes lots of problems and very useful for beginners. It is not only focused on Data Structures & Algorithms but also in java programming concepts. it covered algorithms related to directed and cyclic graphs, minimum spanning trees and comes up with a lot of practise problems.

  • Lots of practise problems
  • Little bit costly

You must solve any problem with the proper optimized way and with minimum time complexity, and you must apply the concept of data structures wherever possible and necessary. These things are important for every company today. That’s why we should learn Data Structures and Algorithms. Otherwise, we will be like Monkey Coder.

If you learn every Data Structures and Algorithm concepts properly you will be aware of solving real-world problems with proper optimization in your code. Then, you will be called a real programmer.

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