7 Best Books for Undergraduate Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics deals with the terms of motion and subatomic particles on the atomic scale. This article will guide you to choose 7 Best Quantum Mechanics books for Undergraduate or beginners. All these books are the most popular book ever. You can choose as any of the books listed below as per your knowledge.

There are various types of books available on the market, but most of the books have listed limited study materials. So after reviewing many of these books, I have listed 7 best Quantum Mechanics books. These books have covered both theory and exercise problems properly.

7 Best Book for Principle of Quantum Mechanics in 2020

1. “Quantum Mechanics by LS”

  • Total Page: 384 pages
  • Publisher:  Penguin; Latest Edition

This book is written by great brilliant authors Leonard Susskind and Art Friedman. Leonard Susskind is a professor at Stanford University, USA.  He has also written some great books like The Black Hole War and The Cosmic Landscape. Art Friedman has a carrier in Physics and Software  Engineering.

If you are a college beginner or curious beginner, then this book is a great choice for you. If you are not cleared concepts in Quantum Mechanics by any other books, then go for this one it’s easy to understand. The book has covered a variety of topics in quantum Mechanics. I suggest you solve all the problems in this book chapter wise.  This book is genuinely the best choice for physic lovers.

The book has mentioned important topics of Quantum mechanics like general uncertainty, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, quantum entanglement, probabilities of certain outcomes

  • Easier to understand for beginners
  • Chapter-wise problems and exercise
  • Not so far

2. “Quantum mechanics by David J. G”

  • Total Pages: 496 pages
  • Publisher: Pearson Education; Second edition

Author David j. Griffiths is a Physicist. He is known as the author of three highly regarded textbooks are  Introduction to Elementary Particles, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, and Introduction to Electrodynamics for undergraduate college level.

This book explains all concepts of quantum mechanics with applications of quantum mechanics. All important chapters like Schrodinger equation, formalism, quantum mechanics have covered. If you are a beginner or college level then this book is a great choice for you.

  • Value for money
  • Easier to understand
  • Not so far

3. “Concepts and Applications by NZ”

  • Total Pages: 688 pages
  • Publisher: Wiley India Pvt. Ltd(2nd edition)

This book covers all the necessary chapters of quantum physics, so furthermore, you don’t need to have any other book. If you are a beginner, college student, or preparing for GATE physics, then you must need this kind of book to get a better result.

The book contains each and every quantum mechanics concept with problems.

  • Explained all concepts of quantum mechanics
  • Costly

4. “500 Problems With Solutions by Aruldhas”

  • Total pages: 384 pages
  • Publisher:  Prentice Hall India Learning Private

This Quantum mechanics book has covered 500 problems with each and every solution. All the concepts have explained approachable in an effective manner.

Author G. Aruldhas has written many books. He is Head of the physics department in the University of Kerala, and he has also published over 145 research papers in various Indian and International publications.

  • Chapter-wise  problems with solutions
  • A great choice for Entrance preparing
  • Not so far

5. “Quantum Textbook for Undergraduates by Mahesh C. J.”

  • Total pages: 340 pages
  • Publication: PHI Learning; 2nd revised edition edition

This book is best suitable for B. Sc., B. Tech, B.E., and another undergraduate level study. This covers all core concepts of quantum concepts and basic mathematical structures.

This book includes very basic concepts of Quantum mechanics suitable for a beginner. Author MAHESH C. JAIN is a Reader in the Department of Physics at Hindu College of University, Delhi. He has also published several research papers in national and international journals.

6. “Bohr and the Great Debate by MK”

  • Total pages: 464 pages
  • Publication: Icon Books Ltd

This book explains Planck’s solving of the black box problem with the quantization of energy, the great Bohr/Einstein debate at the Fifth Solvay conference, and the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox, and the experimental proof of Bell’s theorem.

If you have an interest in Quantum mechanics, then this book is the best choice for you to study in deep and understand actual terms in quantum mechanics. This book describes Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr, their lives, illustrious galaxy-Rutherford.

  • Deeply Explained history of Quantum mechanics
  • Costly

7. “Quantum Mechanics by J A”

  • Total pages: 27 pages
  • Publication: Penguin; UK ed. Edition

Author Jim AL-Khalili is a physicist, has worked in the field of quantum physics from Max Planck.  He received his Ph.D. degree in theoretical nuclear physics in 1989, published more than 100 research papers. Some of his popular books have translated into more than twenty-six languages.

It has well explanations and contains good illustrations, and solved examples for students to tackle all sorts of problems. it is especially recommended to advanced learners and having the ability to solve problems Quantum mechanics.

  • Lesser price.
  • Fewer pages

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