Professional Course after 12 Commerce in Nepal

Which is the best course to join after 12 in Nepal? Well, this question raised for every student after finishing 12 Commerce or management in Nepal. So, this blog post will help you to find the best course after 12 in Nepal. Don’t confuse it’s very easy to prefer that which course should you go for?

There are many suitable courses after 12 commerce or management in Nepal. There are courses like management and IT Professionals available. But, first, find your interest zone. If you are interested in IT, then don’t go for Management courses like BBA or BBS. Interest is not enough for you. You must make sure that you are capable to do your interested course in the future also. So, I suggest you find your interested capable zone.

Best Course after 12 Management in Nepal

  1. BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)

BCA program launched in Nepal 2074/75 by Tribhuvan University. It is a 4 years program. More than 120 Colleges affiliated with TU is running this course. The main aim of this course is software development, Computer technologies, and Computer applications. This course includes Java and C++, data structure, Computer Networking, and others.

It is a great course if you want to make a career in IT and Software development. There are other University like Purbanchal and Pokhara University are also running a BCA program.

Eligibility Criteria for BCA Course in Nepal

Candidates must have a minimum D+ grade in each subject of +2. Or else Students who are waiting for a supplementary examination for grade 12 are also eligible for BCA to apply. You must submit a document during admission.

BCA Jobs in Nepal

BCA graduates can work in various sectors like Software Development, Database Admin, IT Technician, System Admin, Technical Support, Web/App Development, and many more.

In Nepal, You can work in ISP (Broadband) companies or other IT, Software development companies. You can do freelancing in web development or App development.

2. BIM (Bachelor of Information Management)

This is another Best Course after 12 Commerce in Nepal. BIM is a four-year bachelor program. There are more than 26 colleges in Nepal is offering this BIM program. You can choose this course if you are willing to make a career in IT and business administration Management. You will study economics, Computer Science, and business-related subject together.

This course will help you to solve real-life problems by using your information technology computational techniques. You can also work in the field of object-oriented software development.

Eligibility Criteria for BIM in Nepal

Students must have 1.8 CGPA (45%) from recognizing +2 colleges in Nepal. Eligible students are required to appear Competitive Entrance exam called Central Management Admission Test (CMAT). This entrance test is based on international patterns.

So, you need to prepare topics like Verbal, ability, Quantitative ability, Logical reasoning, and general awareness questions. Merit list is prepared based upon 60% marks of CMAT entrance test, 30% mars of +2 or equivalent, 10% of the interview.

3. BIT (Bachelor of Information Technology)

This is also another undergraduate four-year graduate Technical or IT (Information Technology) course. BIT course is offered by both TU and Purbanchal University in Nepal. The course BIT focuses mainly on computer-based systems like IT, web-based applications, and mobile communications. So, this is another Best Course after 12 Commerce in Nepal.

4. BHM ( Bachelor of Hotel Management)

BHM is four years Undergraduate program offer by Tribhuvan University. This course offered by more than 10 TU affiliated colleges in Nepal.

Eligibility criteria for BIT in Nepal

Candidates must have a minimum of 1.8 CGPA in +2 or equivalent. The admission process is based on an entrance exam test. SO, candidates must crack the CMAT exam with a minimum score of 40%. CMAT entrance is conducted by TU.

5. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Another Best Course after 12 Commerce in Nepal is BBA. it is fours year undergraduate course offers by almost each and every university in Nepal. There are really broad scopes for BBA graduates. Today each and every start-up company hires skilled administrators for their finance, HR, and business management related work.

BBA mainly focuses on Finance, Economics, Marketing, HR, Leadership and etc.

Eligibility for BBA in Nepal

Candidates must have passed out from a recognized college in Nepal with CGPA.

6. BBA-BI (Banking and Insurance)

BBA-BI stands Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance offer by only Pokhara University in Nepal. The course is offered by 16 Pokhara University affiliated Business Schools in Nepal. There are 125 credit hours of this course with a summer project and an internship before graduation from the institute.

BBA-Bi is a specialized course of BBA and especially focuses on banking finance and insurance fields. This course helps students to problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, business management, etc.

Eligibility for BBA-Bi in Nepal

Candidates must have a minimum C grade in +2. Or equivalent higher secondary board. If students come from other than TU or NEB, however, they must verify their certificate board and must get an authorized letter from NEB or PU in order to recognize their exam board.

7. BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)

BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies) is a four-year graduate program. IT mainly focuses on management, marketing, finance, accountancy, etc. there are more than 500 colleges in Nepal offer BBS program.

Eligibility for BBS in Nepal

Candidates must have passed out from recognizing the +2 board of Nepal with a minimum D+ in each subject.

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