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32 Candles PDF Book By Ernessa T. Carter

32 Candles

  • Author: Ernessa T. Carter
  • ISBN Code: : 0062000055
  • Publisher : Harper Collins
  • Page : 352 pages
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Reviews : 630 Readers

Books Synopsis

“32 cheers for Ernessa T. Carter! She’s created one of the freshest, funniest characters I’ve ever read….32 Candles is a charmer.” —Carleen Brice, author of Orange Mint and Honey 32 Candles by exciting newcomer Ernessa T. Carter is the slightly twisted, utterly romantic, and deftly wry story of Davie Jones, who, if she doesn’t stand in her own way, just might get the man of her dreams. For fans of John Hughes’s “Sixteen Candles”, 32 Candles is a fresh and fun fiction debut for every fan of romantic comedy.

Orange Mint and Honey PDF Book By Carleen Brice

Orange Mint and Honey

  • Author: Carleen Brice
  • ISBN Code: : 0307497178
  • Publisher : One World
  • Page : 336 pages
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Reviews : 920 Readers

Books Synopsis

“A wonderful, jazzy, exciting read.” –Nikki Giovanni, author of Acolytes Broke and burned-out from grad school, Shay Dixon does the unthinkable after receiving a “vision” from her de facto spiritual adviser, blues singer Nina Simone. She phones Nona, the mother she had all but written off, asking if she can come home for a while. When Shay was growing up, Nona was either drunk, hungover, or out with her latest low-life guy. So Shay barely recognizes the new Nona, now sober and with a positive outlook on life, a love of gardening, and a toddler named Sunny. Though reconciliation seems a hard proposition for Shay, something unmistakable is taking root inside her, waiting to blossom like the morning glories opening up in Nona’s garden sanctuary. Soon Shay finds herself facing exciting possibilities and even her first real romantic relationship. But when an unexpected crisis hits, even the wise words and soulful melodies of Nina Simone may not be enough for solace. Shay begins to realize that, like orange mint and honey, sometimes life tastes better when bitter is followed by sweet. “Carleen Brice has woven her talent for storytelling into a funny, sad, and perceptive novel that speaks to all of us who navigate less-than-perfect relationships with our parents or children.” –Elyse Singleton, author of This Side of the Sky “Brice deftly shows the importance and joy of understanding our past and not only forgiving those who hurt us, but loving them in spite of that hurt. Readers of Terry McMillan and Bebe Moore Campbell will find a new writer to watch.” –Judy Merrill Larsen, author of All the Numbers

Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake PDF Book By Anna Quindlen

Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake

  • Author: Anna Quindlen
  • ISBN Code: : 0679604006
  • Publisher : Random House
  • Page : 224 pages
  • Genre : Biography & Autobiography
  • Reviews : 317 Readers

Books Synopsis

“[Quindlen] serves up generous portions of her wise, commonsensical, irresistibly quotable take on life. . . . What Nora Ephron does for body image and Anne Lamott for spiritual neuroses, Quindlen achieves on the home front.”—NPR Includes an exclusive conversation between Meryl Streep and Anna Quindlen! In this irresistible memoir, Anna Quindlen writes about a woman’s life, from childhood memories to manic motherhood to middle age, using the events of her life to illuminate ours. Considering—and celebrating—everything from marriage, girlfriends, our mothers, parenting, faith, loss, to all the stuff in our closets, and more, Quindlen says for us here what we may wish we could have said ourselves. As she did in her beloved New York Times columns, and in A Short Guide to a Happy Life, Quindlen uses her past, present, and future to explore what matters most to women at different ages. Quindlen talks about Marriage: “A safety net of small white lies can be the bedrock of a successful marriage. You wouldn’t believe how cheaply I can do a kitchen renovation.” Girlfriends: “Ask any woman how she makes it through the day, and she may mention her calendar, her to-do lists, her babysitter. But if you push her on how she really makes it through her day, she will mention her girlfriends. ” Our bodies: “I’ve finally recognized my body for what it is: a personality-delivery system, designed expressly to carry my character from place to place, now and in the years to come.” Parenting: “Being a parent is not transactional. We do not get what we give. It is the ultimate pay-it-forward endeavor: We are good parents not so they will be loving enough to stay with us but so they will be strong enough to leave us.” Candid, funny, and moving, Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake is filled with the sharp insights and revealing observations that have long confirmed Quindlen’s status as America’s laureate of real life. “Classic Quindlen, at times witty, at times wise, and always of her time.”—The Miami Herald “[A] pithy, get-real memoir.”—Booklist

Nathan Blows Out the Hanukkah Candles PDF Book By Tami Lehman-Wilzig,Nicole Katzman

Nathan Blows Out the Hanukkah Candles

  • Author: Tami Lehman-Wilzig,Nicole Katzman
  • ISBN Code: : 1512491845
  • Publisher : Kar-Ben Publishing ™
  • Page : 32 pages
  • Genre : Juvenile Fiction
  • Reviews : 853 Readers

Books Synopsis

Jacob loves his autistic brother, Nathan, but when Hanukkah comes, Jacob worries that Nathan might embarrass him in front of his new friend. What if Nathan blows out the Hanukkah candles?!

The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires PDF Book By Grady Hendrix

The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires

  • Author: Grady Hendrix
  • ISBN Code: : 168369144X
  • Publisher : Quirk Books
  • Page : 408 pages
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Reviews : 477 Readers

Books Synopsis

“This funny and fresh take on a classic tale manages to comment on gender roles, racial disparities, and white privilege all while creeping me all the way out. So good.”—Zakiya Dalila Harris, author of The Other Black Girl Steel Magnolias meets Dracula in this New York Times best-selling horror novel about a women's book club that must do battle with a mysterious newcomer to their small Southern town. Bonus features: • Reading group guide for book clubs • Hand-drawn map of Mt. Pleasant • Annotated true-crime reading list by Grady Hendrix • And more! Patricia Campbell’s life has never felt smaller. Her husband is a workaholic, her teenage kids have their own lives, her senile mother-in-law needs constant care, and she’s always a step behind on her endless to-do list. The only thing keeping her sane is her book club, a close-knit group of Charleston women united by their love of true crime. At these meetings they’re as likely to talk about the Manson family as they are about their own families. One evening after book club, Patricia is viciously attacked by an elderly neighbor, bringing the neighbor's handsome nephew, James Harris, into her life. James is well traveled and well read, and he makes Patricia feel things she hasn’t felt in years. But when children on the other side of town go missing, their deaths written off by local police, Patricia has reason to believe James Harris is more of a Bundy than a Brad Pitt. The real problem? James is a monster of a different kind—and Patricia has already invited him in. Little by little, James will insinuate himself into Patricia’s life and try to take everything she took for granted—including the book club—but she won’t surrender without a fight in this blood-soaked tale of neighborly kindness gone wrong.

Candles & Conifers PDF Book By Ruth Burgess

Candles & Conifers

  • Author: Ruth Burgess
  • ISBN Code: : 1849520143
  • Publisher : Wild Goose Publications
  • Page : 100 pages
  • Genre : Religion
  • Reviews : 305 Readers

Books Synopsis

A collection of worship and reflection resources for groups and individuals covering the weeks from All Saints' Day to Christmas Eve, including saints' days, Remembrance Day, World AIDS Day and Advent.

Candles Burning PDF Book By Tabitha King,Michael McDowell, Ph.D

Candles Burning

  • Author: Tabitha King,Michael McDowell, Ph.D
  • ISBN Code: : 1440621799
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Page : 432 pages
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Reviews : 956 Readers

Books Synopsis

“A mix of magic realism and Southern gothic, this stunning collaboration between King and McDowell…moves at a hypnotic pace, like an Alabama water moccasin slipping through black water.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review) Calliope “Calley” Dakin is no normal little girl. She hears things that maybe a little girl shouldn’t hear—and knows things a little girl should never know. Just seven when her beloved father is tortured, murdered, and dismembered by two women with no discernable motivation, Calley and her mother find themselves caught up in inexplicable events that exile them to Pensacola Beach. There—in a house that’s a dead ringer for Calley’s late great-grandmother’s house—another woman awaits their presence. A woman who understands what Calley is, but can’t begin to imagine just how strong her bond is with her father—even after death... Known for his chilling Blackwater series, author Michael McDowell left behind the unfinished manuscript for Candles Burning on his death in 1999. In the spirit of the ghost stories that Michael loved, Tabitha King has taken up where he left off.

The Culture of Energy PDF Book By Mogens Rüdiger

The Culture of Energy

  • Author: Mogens Rüdiger
  • ISBN Code: : 1443812021
  • Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing
  • Page : 279 pages
  • Genre : Nature
  • Reviews : 614 Readers

Books Synopsis

The culture of the modern world involves a sizeable and continuous use of energy. The story of energy as a part of modernity begins in the early 19th Century with hard work, experiments and the establishment of local energy systems. The natural conditions made certain by the alternation between light and dark, between warmth and cold, was gradually suspended by the introduction of electric lighting and heating into the home. The welfare state has significantly hastened this development to the degree that notions such as wellness and individual well-being have become natural elements of our consumer culture and our daily life. In most parts of the world we have light whenever we desire it, and the homes maintain a comfortable temperature of 21 degrees Celsius by use of either heating or of air-conditioning. In The Culture of Energy historians, social scientists and architects focus on various aspects of the energy culture in Western Europe, the United States, India and former Soviet Union, and examine subjects such as the history of lighting, street lighting, heating and central heating, household uses of energy, the debate on nuclear power, energy conservation and environmental perspectives on energy.

If You Just Say Yes PDF Book By Reon Laudat

If You Just Say Yes

  • Author: Reon Laudat
  • ISBN Code: : 1466829354
  • Publisher : St. Martin's Paperbacks
  • Page : 320 pages
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Reviews : 973 Readers

Books Synopsis

Manhattan journalist Michelle Michaels just can't seem to get a break when she finds herself the subject of false rumors. Now she's being blindsided by her own boss. Wrongly suspecting her of trading sex for scoops, he's caved in to the shady newsroom gossip and sent Michelle quietly packing on a leave of absence to her hometown of Detroit where some family secrets still lurk. With a career on the DL and a love life at low-ebb, Michelle's hit rock bottom-until she meets dark, dimpled, and delicious Wesley Abbott... Detroit reporter Wesley Abbott's plate is full investigating a corrupt local judge. Now he's got something else to investigate-and she's the sweetest thing to sashay into the Herald in years. But Michelle and Wesley have more in common than they ever imagined, and it's not just mellow vibes. In fact, it's a scandal! And when these two bodies bump, so does trouble-with a capital T...

APC New Perfect Composite Mathematics - Class 3 PDF Book By R.G. Gupta

APC New Perfect Composite Mathematics - Class 3

  • Author: R.G. Gupta
  • ISBN Code: : 818296444X
  • Publisher : Arya Publishing Company
  • Page : 216 pages
  • Genre :
  • Reviews : 416 Readers

Books Synopsis

Perfect Composite Mathematics series is based on the syllabus developed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), New Delhi. Subject matter is produced in such a way that it relates to the environment and focuses on the development and the understanding, thinking and reasoning skills of the students. All books of the series are activity based. Salient Features of this book: • The book covers the entire prescribed syllabus. • Questions in the form of quizzes, puzzles and cross numbers have been given to avoid stereotype questions. • Some Value Based (Life Skills) questions have been given. • Challenging problems under the heading Challenges are also there.

Beehive Alchemy PDF Book By Petra Ahnert

Beehive Alchemy

  • Author: Petra Ahnert
  • ISBN Code: : 1631594923
  • Publisher : Quarry Books
  • Page : 160 pages
  • Genre : Technology & Engineering
  • Reviews : 743 Readers

Books Synopsis

From crayons to cough drops, cookies to candles, Beehive Alchemy offers a comprehensive introduction to incorporating the miracle of bees into everyday life. Beehive Alchemy is a continuation of Petra Ahnert's best-selling Beeswax Alchemy. With this new book, beekeepers (and bee lovers) will learn about the benefits and attributes of beeswax, honey, propolis, and more alongside a full range of projects and techniques to process and harness the amazing gifts of bees. Inside, you'll find instructions to make Ahnert's award-winning hand-dipped birthday candles, the classic French dessert canele bordelais, and much more, including: Alchemy for the Body Liquid soap with honey Beard balm Olive and honey lotion Alchemy of Light Taper candles Tea lights Pillars Alchemy for the Home Furniture polish Waxed cotton food wraps Woodcutter incense Alchemy in the Studio Beeswax crayons Encaustic Batik Alchemy in the Kitchen Cookies and candies Beverages Fermentations Whether you keep bees or just love them, Beehive Alchemy will become your go-to comprehensive guide for hive-to-home creations.

Python for Algorithmic Trading PDF Book By Yves Hilpisch

Python for Algorithmic Trading

  • Author: Yves Hilpisch
  • ISBN Code: : 1492053309
  • Publisher : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
  • Page : 380 pages
  • Genre : Computers
  • Reviews : 769 Readers

Books Synopsis

Algorithmic trading, once the exclusive domain of institutional players, is now open to small organizations and individual traders using online platforms. The tool of choice for many traders today is Python and its ecosystem of powerful packages. In this practical book, author Yves Hilpisch shows students, academics, and practitioners how to use Python in the fascinating field of algorithmic trading. You'll learn several ways to apply Python to different aspects of algorithmic trading, such as backtesting trading strategies and interacting with online trading platforms. Some of the biggest buy- and sell-side institutions make heavy use of Python. By exploring options for systematically building and deploying automated algorithmic trading strategies, this book will help you level the playing field. Set up a proper Python environment for algorithmic trading Learn how to retrieve financial data from public and proprietary data sources Explore vectorization for financial analytics with NumPy and pandas Master vectorized backtesting of different algorithmic trading strategies Generate market predictions by using machine learning and deep learning Tackle real-time processing of streaming data with socket programming tools Implement automated algorithmic trading strategies with the OANDA and FXCM trading platforms

Spectrum Test Practice, Grade 3 PDF Book By

Spectrum Test Practice, Grade 3

  • Author:
  • ISBN Code: : 162442452X
  • Publisher : Carson-Dellosa Publishing
  • Page : 160 pages
  • Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Reviews : 695 Readers

Books Synopsis

Help your child hit new heights in test-taking with Spectrum Test Practice for grade 3. Aligned to current state standards, this workbook gets kids ready using practice tests, online exercises, tips, examples, and answer sheets genuine to the real math and language arts assessments. By providing an authentic test experience, you’re helping your child build the skills and confidence to exceed assessment expectations. Spectrum Test Practice provides everything kids need to take on testing—including online practice pages, customized by state and grade-level.

Maths Problem Solving Year 3 PDF Book By Catherine Yemm

Maths Problem Solving Year 3

  • Author: Catherine Yemm
  • ISBN Code: : 0857473611
  • Publisher : Andrews UK Limited
  • Page : 88 pages
  • Genre : Education
  • Reviews : 391 Readers

Books Synopsis

Maths Problem Solving - Year 3 is the third of six books in the Maths Problem Solving series. The books have been written for teachers to use during the numeracy lesson. They cover the 'solving problem' objectives from the numeracy framework. This book contains three chapters; Making decisions, Reasoning about numbers or shapes and Problems involving 'real life', money or measures. The books are designed in such a way that each section has six stages of questions to be worked through. Every stage is split into three levels, for example 1a, 1b or 1c, based on achievement. Each corresponding question from these levels follow the same line of questioning, so that when the teacher talks about a certain question, the solution process is the same for each level but the complexity of the sum varies.

New Saints in Late-Mediaeval Venice, 1200–1500 PDF Book By Karen E. McCluskey

New Saints in Late-Mediaeval Venice, 1200–1500

  • Author: Karen E. McCluskey
  • ISBN Code: : 1351103555
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Page : 268 pages
  • Genre : Religion
  • Reviews : 320 Readers

Books Synopsis

This book focuses on the comparatively unknown cults of new saints in late-mediaeval Venice. These new saints were near-contemporary citizens who were venerated by their compatriots without official sanction from the papacy. In doing so, the book uncovers a sub-culture of religious expression that has been overlooked in previous scholarship. The study highlights a myriad of hagiographical materials, both visual and textual, created to honour these new saints by members of four different Venetian communities: The Republican government; the monastic orders, mostly Benedictine; the mendicant orders; and local parishes. By scrutinising the hagiographic portraits described in painted vita panels, written vitae, passiones, votive images, sermons and sepulchre monuments, as well as archival and historical resources, the book identifies a specifically Venetian typology of sanctity tied to the idiosyncrasies of the city’s site and history. By focusing explicitly on local typological traits, the book produces an intimate and complex portrait of Venetian society and offers a framework for exploring the lived religious experience of late-mediaeval societies beyond the lagoon. As a result, it will be of keen interest to scholars of Venice, lived religion, hagiography, mediaeval history and visual culture.

The Un-Prescription for Autism PDF Book By Janet Lintala,Martha Murphy

The Un-Prescription for Autism

  • Author: Janet Lintala,Martha Murphy
  • ISBN Code: : 0814436641
  • Publisher : AMACOM
  • Page : 304 pages
  • Genre : Family & Relationships
  • Reviews : 697 Readers

Books Synopsis

A safe and simple action plan for autism parents. Each year, more than 50,000 U.S. families receive an autism diagnosis. On top of turmoil and worry, they share the same urgent question: What can we do to help our child? The answers parents find can be contradictory...even dangerous. The conventional approach (employed by too many pediatricians) is to medicate difficult behaviors into submission-suppressing symptoms while leaving underlying health challenges untouched. Surfing the Internet for alternatives just leads to confusion. Now, Dr. Janet Lintala, founder of the Autism Health center and an autism mom herself, shares the natural protocols used in her practice to dramatically improve the function and well-being of children on the spectrum. Drawing on the latest research developments, as well as personal and clinical experience, she targets the underlying issues (chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, gastrointestinal dysfunction, immune dysregulation) associated with the behavior, bowel, and sleep problems so common to autism. Correcting these overlooked conditions with digestive enzymes, probiotics, antifungals, and other nonpsychiatric treatments brings transformative results: less pain, less aggression, and a child who is more receptive to behavioral and educational interventions. While the medical profession is slow to change, autistic kids need help immediately. The Un-Prescription for Autism provides clear explanations, detailed protocols, and examples to help parents act quickly to restore their child's health, self-control, and language-paving the way for reaching their full potential.

Craft Wisdom & Know-How PDF Book By The Editors of Lark Books

Craft Wisdom & Know-How

  • Author: The Editors of Lark Books
  • ISBN Code: : 1603762701
  • Publisher : Black Dog & Leventhal
  • Page : 480 pages
  • Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
  • Reviews : 564 Readers

Books Synopsis

The latest addition to the best-selling Wisdom & Know-How series is an all-in-one guide to mastering a variety of popular crafts, from knitting and quilting to ceramics and jewelry making. The fifth book in the popular Wisdom and Know-How series, CraftWisdom & Know-How covers dozens of the most popular crafts in one complete, all-encompassing resource. The book is organized by type of craft and includes Sewing, Knitting, and Other Needlework; Paper Crafts and Bookmaking; Glasswork; Jewelry Making; Pottery and Clay; Mosaics; Candle-making and Decorating; and Woodworking and Furniture Making. The sections are further broken down into chapters that cover specific crafts, each with step-by-step directions and tips for projects for all levels of skill and ability, from beginner to advanced. Hundreds of projects are included, such as Super Sock Monkeys, Crocheted Hats, Etched Glass, One-Afternoon Skirts, and Beading Vintage-Style Jewelry, to name a few. The material is hand-selected from dozens of publications from Lark Books, a leader in craft books. The information is tried, trusted, and true, and provides indispensable instruction and advice from the most accomplished crafters in the world. With hundreds of black-and-white illustrations and photographs, as well as essential resources for materials and tools, Craft Wisdom & Know-How is a must-have book for the aspiring and experienced crafter alike.

Rootwork PDF Book By Tayannah Lee McQuillar


  • Author: Tayannah Lee McQuillar
  • ISBN Code: : 1451603703
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Page : 160 pages
  • Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Reviews : 682 Readers

Books Synopsis

In this groundbreaking book that places Rootwork in its rightful spot among other magickal traditions, Tayannah Lee McQuillar offers a fun and practical guide to improving your life with the help of African American folk magick. Rootwork begins with the basics, from explanations about the magickal powers of the four elements (air, earth, fire, and water) to instructions on creating talismans, charms, and mojo bags. Also included are spells to help you: find your soul mate spice up your sex life get a new job improve your health discover your inner muse Accessible and easy to use, Rootwork offers the insights of a time-honored tradition as a means of self-empowerment and spiritual growth.

The Book of Candle Magic PDF Book By Madame Pamita,Judika Illes

The Book of Candle Magic

  • Author: Madame Pamita,Judika Illes
  • ISBN Code: : 0738765244
  • Publisher : Llewellyn Worldwide
  • Page : 336 pages
  • Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Reviews : 253 Readers

Books Synopsis

Featuring authentic candle magic that anyone can do, this impressive little book shows how you can connect to spiritual realms and bring positive change to your life with just a little wick, wax, and flame. Madame Pamita offers both step-by-step instructions for specific candle spells and reference materials to create your own spells. The Book of Candle Magic empowers you to manifest more happiness, love, prosperity, and fulfillment through candle spells. Discover how to make candles from scratch, perform candle readings, create your grimoire, and add some pizzazz to your rituals. Explore the best herbs, gems, talismans, and symbols for giving your spells a boost. With this beautiful book, you can claim your birthright of using fire to reach your magical goals.

Reiki For Dummies PDF Book By Nina L. Paul

Reiki For Dummies

  • Author: Nina L. Paul
  • ISBN Code: : 1118054741
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Page : 368 pages
  • Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Reviews : 806 Readers

Books Synopsis

Millions of people seek ways to relax, promote healing, or connect with their soul. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a simple but profound healing system that was originally developed in Japan. Reiki means "spiritual energy" or "universal life-force energy." The Reiki system is universal because it can be used by people of any background or religion. Reiki For Dummies explains how you can harness this energy for yourself. Reiki For Dummies is a plain-English Reiki guidebook. Discover what Reiki is, where it came from, and how to: Find and get the most from a Reiki treatment Use Reiki to boost your physical and emotional health Locate a Reiki class and become a Reiki practitioner Reiki For Dummies is amply illustrated and full of useful information on: Reiki symbols (plus nontraditional symbols) Reiki hand positions (for giving Reiki to yourself or others) Reiki for pets and animals Reiki for children and adults Reiki and surgery or medicines Reiki at birth or end-of-life Reiki in the house, in the car, or at work When you're ready to go further, Reiki For Dummies covers: Western and Japanese Reiki techniques; crystals, long distance Reiki, and setting up a successful Reiki practice. Reiki For Dummies is for you whether you are just finding out about Reiki or you are a seasoned professional who is looking for a clearly written, up-to-date, inclusive, and comprehensive source of Reiki information. Nina Paul, PhD (New York, NY), is a Reiki Master who uses Reiki to help herself and others. She has a doctorate in immunology and epidemiology and she believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness . Nina is also the author of the compassionate guide: Living with Hepatitis C For Dummies (0-7645-7620-8).

Your Intuition Led You Here PDF Book By Alex Naranjo,Marlene Vargas

Your Intuition Led You Here

  • Author: Alex Naranjo,Marlene Vargas
  • ISBN Code: : 0593139496
  • Publisher : Rodale Books
  • Page : 272 pages
  • Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Reviews : 459 Readers

Books Synopsis

An intuitive resource for using everyday tools for magical results, featuring 32 rituals to help you tap into your intention and self-empowerment—from the owners of the destination boutique House of Intuition. “A must-read if you are into crystals, energy, and rituals.”—PopSugar Alex Naranjo and Marlene Vargas, the owners of the biggest metaphysical shop on the West Coast, empower you to hear your inner voice and design your own powerful rituals in response. Part memoir, part ritual guide, Your Intuition Led You Here is ultimately a path to accessing the healing potential of magic, understanding your power, and putting your intuition into practice. With wit, lightness, and accessibility, Alex and Marlene guide you through . . . • How to create magic: With thirty-two tried-and-true ritual recipes, this book is a uniquely knowledgeable guide on how to utilize the power of ritual to tap into intuition and inner knowing. • Symbolism: Discover the symbolism behind key ingredients (everyday herbs, oils, elements, crystals) so that you can devise and personalize your own rituals. • Rituals to manifest magic: Put magic to work with candle spells, protection baths, love jars, and box spells for releasing and letting go. Learn zodiac-personalized energies, herbs, colors, and the most energetically powerful days of the week to manifest your desired intentions. Your intuition is a gift. In these pages, you will learn to hear it and respond to it with intention so that you can align your reality with your true self.

Textual Curation PDF Book By Krista Kennedy

Textual Curation

  • Author: Krista Kennedy
  • ISBN Code: : 1611177103
  • Publisher : Univ of South Carolina Press
  • Page : 192 pages
  • Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Reviews : 588 Readers

Books Synopsis

Wikipedia is arguably the most famous collaboratively written text of our time, but few know that nearly three hundred years ago Ephraim Chambers proposed an encyclopedia written by a wide range of contributors—from illiterate craftspeople to titled gentry. Chambers wrote that incorporating information submitted by the public would considerably strengthen the second edition of his well-received Cyclopædia, which relied on previously published information. In Textual Curation, Krista Kennedy examines the editing and production histories of the Cyclopædia and Wikipedia, the ramifications of robot-written texts, and the issues of intellectual property theory and credit. Kennedy also documents the evolution of both encyclopedias as well as the participation of central players in discussions about the influence of technology and collaboration in early modern and contemporary culture. Through this comparative study, based on extensive archival research and data-driven analysis, Kennedy illuminates the deeply situated nature of authorship, which is dependent on cultural approval and stable funding sources as much as it is on original genius and the ownership of intellectual property. Kennedy’s work significantly revises long-held notions of authorial agency and autonomy, establishing the continuity of new writing projects such as wikis with longstanding authorial practices that she calls textual curation. This study examines a wide range of texts that recompose accepted knowledge into reliable, complex reference works requires contributions of article text alongside less commonly considered elements such as metadata vocabularies, cross-indexing, and the development of print and digital interfaces. Comparison of analog and networked texts also lays bare the impact of technological developments, both in the composing process and in the topics that can practically be included in such a text. By examining the human and technological curators that support these encyclopedias as well as the discourses that surround them, Kennedy develops textual curation as a longstanding theory and process that offers a nuanced construction of authorship.

Clover PDF Book By Dori Sanders


  • Author: Dori Sanders
  • ISBN Code: : 1616203412
  • Publisher : Algonquin Books
  • Page : 194 pages
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Reviews : 443 Readers

Books Synopsis

“An honest and refreshing novel that makes an important statement about the barriers between blacks and whites” by the author of Her Own Place (San Francisco Chronicle). Clover Hill is ten years old when her father, the principal of the local elementary school, marries a white woman, Sara Kate. Just hours later, an automobile accident compels Clover to forge a relationship with the new stepmother she hardly knows in this beautiful, enduring novel about a family lost and found. First published by Algonquin in 1990 and winner of the Lillian Smith Award for Southern literature that enhances racial awareness, Clover is a national bestseller and has been recommended reading for classrooms across the country. Now on our thirtieth anniversary we have the pleasure of republishing this Algonquin classic in trade paperback, with an original essay by the author. In the spirit of Cold Sassy Tree and The Secret Life of Bees, Clover is a witty, insightful classic for readers of all ages. “Striking . . . The author has staked out an impressive new territory here, replete with peach farmers, textile workers, drunks and crazy people, with the newly middle class as well as the terminally poor . . . Clover is very much the genuine item.” —The New York Times Book Review “Warmly engrossing . . . Sanders writes with wit and authority in this unusual gem of a love story.” —Chicago Tribune “Black vernacular as convincing as Alice Walker’s, imaginative metaphors that rival Maya Angelou’s and humor as delicious as Zora Neale Hurston’s.” —Publishers Weekly

The Spell Jar Compendium PDF Book By Mercy Morgana

The Spell Jar Compendium

  • Author: Mercy Morgana
  • ISBN Code: : N.a
  • Publisher : Ripe Avocado Witch
  • Page : 108 pages
  • Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Reviews : 253 Readers

Books Synopsis

Spell jars (or witch bottles) are quickly becoming a go-to for spell casting. It's a great way to hone in on your intention and it's beauty reminds you of that intention each time you look at it. In this book, you will learn the basics of spell jar creation and the steps to make your spell count. There are herb, crystal, oil, and candle lists outlining the magical properties of each, and there are 50 spell jar recipes ranging from per protection to healing from grief and everything in between. This compendium gets you started, but also gives you the tools necessary to create your own spell jars for any purpose you may need. When you're ready, you can find our companion Spell Jar Journal where you can begin to document your own creations. This recipe book includes: - An introduction to spell jars - Details on the process including cleansing, meditation, and intention setting - Step by step instructions on how to build a spell jar - A comprehensive index of useful spell components and their magical properties. This includes herbs, crystals, oils, and candles - 50 Unique spell jar recipes including, but not limited to: Love, money, protection, sleep, healing, deity, and chakra spells. - A sample blank spell jar recipe page from our Spell Jar Journal Happy casting!

The Lens PDF Book By NK Guy

The Lens

  • Author: NK Guy
  • ISBN Code: : 1457179261
  • Publisher : Rocky Nook, Inc.
  • Page : 320 pages
  • Genre : Photography
  • Reviews : 791 Readers

Books Synopsis

Which lens should I buy for my camera? It's such a simple question, but choosing the right lens or lenses is actually one of the most important photographic decisions you can make. Nothing affects the quality of a photo more than the lens. It's no longer just about the megapixels-it's the glass that makes all the difference! Many first-time buyers of DSLRs don't venture past the basic lens included in the box. While some are reluctant to spend more money, others are confused by all the buzzwords or are overwhelmed by all the choices out there. It's really a shame, because interchangeable lenses give you amazing scope for quality photography. Take in vast sweeping scenes with a wide angle lens. Capture faraway birds with a telephoto lens. Examine the tiniest detail of a flower with a macro lens. Record the perfect portrait with a prime lens. Anything is possible when you choose the right lens for the job! This book isn't a simple catalogue of available lenses. New products are coming out all the time, and comparing specific lenses can be difficult. Instead, author N.K. Guy gives you all the information you need to make smart buying decisions. Optical technology is demystified, arcane terminology is decoded, and practical tips are provided. The Lens will help you build the perfect lens collection to suit your needs-now and in the future.

Origins of English Revenge Tragedy PDF Book By Oppitz-Trotman George Oppitz-Trotman

Origins of English Revenge Tragedy

  • Author: Oppitz-Trotman George Oppitz-Trotman
  • ISBN Code: : 1474441742
  • Publisher : Edinburgh University Press
  • Page : 272 pages
  • Genre : Electronic books
  • Reviews : 876 Readers

Books Synopsis

Investigates the figures and materials of English tragedyKey FeaturesEstablishes a new approach to the relationship between historical performance and printed literatureComplicates the popular concept of metatheatreOffers boldly original readings of important English tragedies like Hamlet and The Spanish TragedyShows how our encounter with difficulty in the reading of revenge plays can be equivalent to an imaginative confrontation with the contradictions of early modern theatrical actionCharting a new course between performance studies and literary criticism, this book explores how recognition of the dramatic person is involved in theatrical materiality. It shows how the moral difficulty of revenge in plays like The Spanish Tragedy, Hamlet and The Duchess of Malfi is inseparable from the difficulty of discerning human shapes in the theatre and on the page. Intervening in a wide range of current debates within early modern studies, Oppitz-Trotman argues that the origins of English tragic drama cannot be understood without considering how the common player appears in it.

Prodigal Daughter PDF Book By University of Alberta. Archives,Myrna Kostash,Bryan Corbett,Gertrude Bloor McLaren

Prodigal Daughter

  • Author: University of Alberta. Archives,Myrna Kostash,Bryan Corbett,Gertrude Bloor McLaren
  • ISBN Code: : 0888647700
  • Publisher : University of Alberta
  • Page : 284 pages
  • Genre : Biography & Autobiography
  • Reviews : 854 Readers

Books Synopsis

A geographical, historical, and spiritual odyssey by a master of creative nonfiction.

The Jokiest Joking Trivia Book Ever Written . . . No Joke! PDF Book By Brian Boone

The Jokiest Joking Trivia Book Ever Written . . . No Joke!

  • Author: Brian Boone
  • ISBN Code: : 1250199751
  • Publisher : Castle Point Books
  • Page : 272 pages
  • Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Reviews : 279 Readers

Books Synopsis

A fun collection of incredible facts for curious kids! The Jokiest Joking Trivia Book Ever Written...No Joke! is chock-full of amazing facts about everything from food to travel to science to history! It's nothing but fun, with hand-drawn original illustrations on nearly every page. Kids will love to impress their friends with their cool knowledge, and parents will be happy their kids are learning something. For example: There are exactly 206 bones in your body. (We counted.) More than half of those are in your hands, toes, fingers, and feet. Think how cold you are when you forget your winter coat. Now consider how cold you’d be without your skin. Your skin weighs the same as four heavy winter coats.

Brilliant PDF Book By Jane Brox


  • Author: Jane Brox
  • ISBN Code: : 0547487150
  • Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Page : 373 pages
  • Genre : History
  • Reviews : 460 Readers

Books Synopsis

This “superb history” of artificial light traces the evolution of society—“invariably fascinating and often original . . . [it] amply lives up to its title” (Publishers Weekly, starred review). In Brilliant, Jane Brox explores humankind’s ever-changing relationship to artificial light, from the stone lamps of the Pleistocene to the LEDs embedded in fabrics of the future. More than a survey of technological development, this sweeping history reveals how artificial light changed our world, and how those social and cultural changes in turn led to the pursuit of more ways of spreading, maintaining, and controlling light. Brox plumbs the class implications of light—who had it, who didn’t—through the centuries when crude lamps and tallow candles constricted waking hours. She identifies the pursuit of whale oil as the first time the need for light thrust us toward an environmental tipping point. Only decades later, gas street lights opened up the evening hours to leisure, which changed the ways we live and sleep and the world’s ecosystems. Edison’s bulbs produced a light that seemed to its users all but divorced from human effort or cost. And yet, as Brox’s informative portrait of our current grid system shows, the cost is ever with us. Brilliant is infused with human voices, startling insights, and timely questions about how our future lives will be shaped by light



  • ISBN Code: : 1684663121
  • Publisher : Notion Press
  • Page : 498 pages
  • Genre : Poetry
  • Reviews : 749 Readers

Books Synopsis

Love is the ABODE of GOD, and we all are living in His domicile. This love will reveal a top secret, causing a thousand veils to fall each second. The first step is to let go of life, to take a step with no wings to fly. God spoke about heaven, the “Abode of Heaven” or “Abode of God.” It is important to understand the difference between “heaven” as a kingdom and “heaven” as the virtual abode, pertaining to celestial concepts. ABODE means a dwelling place. It is described as our future “physical bodies,” into which we will step sometime in the next life. These new bodies will be our own “abodes,” or the temples of God. There will be no “mansions” to evoke jealousy or comparison, pride or covetousness. Worldly wisdom and selfish ambition have devised these interpretations over time. Spiritual wisdom interprets something else. According to me, it simply means a “dwelling place.”

A Druid's Handbook to the Spiritual Power of Plants PDF Book By Jon G. Hughes

A Druid's Handbook to the Spiritual Power of Plants

  • Author: Jon G. Hughes
  • ISBN Code: : 1620552663
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Page : 320 pages
  • Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Reviews : 532 Readers

Books Synopsis

A practical guide to creating plant extracts, essences, and complexes for use in Druidic sex magic rituals • Explores the identification, harvesting, and magical properties of more than 70 flowers and trees • Details the careful and meticulous spagyric preparation of plant extracts and complexes • Demonstrates how plant compounds are used in Druidic sex magic rituals by both couples and groups In this practical guide to Druidic plant magic, Jon G. Hughes reveals the gentle alchemy of converting plant essences into potent compounds for working sex magic rituals. Examining the identification, harvesting, and magical properties of more than 70 flowers and trees, he details the careful and meticulous spagyric preparation of plant extracts and complexes as well as the process of obtaining or creating suitable alcoholic spirits for the base of these preparations. He includes instructions to make all necessary tools and explores how to prepare yourself to work with plant essences and properly use the magical compounds you create. Hughes explains how to release the energies, healing attributes, and magical capacities of flowers and trees through the respectful seduction of a plant’s virtue and the 3-step spagyric process of separation, purification, and reunification. He shows how the spagyric process maximizes the power of the acquired essence in preparation for its use in magical ritual. Detailing Druidic sex rituals for both a couple and a group, Hughes demonstrates how plant compounds are used in specific magical rituals and practices as well as the role of the plant complex in sexual potency. Exploring the underlying accord between alchemy and Druidic practices, Hughes provides a valuable manual for anyone wishing to harness the magical potential of plant energy.

A Road, A Well and a Train PDF Book By Paul R. Wonning

A Road, A Well and a Train

  • Author: Paul R. Wonning
  • ISBN Code: : N.a
  • Publisher : Mossy Feet Books
  • Page : pages
  • Genre : History
  • Reviews : 531 Readers

Books Synopsis

Nestled at the northern tip of Ripley County, Indiana, Batesville's origins begin with the construction of the Napoleon/Brookville Road, Teunis Amack's Well and the need for a railroad connecting Indianapolis Indiana and Cincinnati, Ohio. A Road, a Well and a Train is the history of the birth, growth and institutions of Batesville, Indiana. Batesville, Indiana, Ripley, County, Franklin, history

Alice in Wonderland PDF Book By Lewis Carroll

Alice in Wonderland

  • Author: Lewis Carroll
  • ISBN Code: : 1877527815
  • Publisher : The Floating Press
  • Page : 104 pages
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Reviews : 703 Readers

Books Synopsis

Alice in Wonderland (also known as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland), from 1865, is the peculiar and imaginative tale of a girl who falls down a rabbit-hole into a bizarre world of eccentric and unusual creatures. Lewis Carroll's prominent example of the genre of "literary nonsense" has endured in popularity with its clever way of playing with logic and a narrative structure that has influence generations of fiction writing.

The Call Me Ishmael Phone Book PDF Book By Logan Smalley,Stephanie Kent

The Call Me Ishmael Phone Book

  • Author: Logan Smalley,Stephanie Kent
  • ISBN Code: : 1982140593
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Page : 224 pages
  • Genre : Literary Criticism
  • Reviews : 538 Readers

Books Synopsis

For fans of My Ideal Bookshelf and Bibliophile, The Call Me Ishmael Phone Book is the perfect gift for book lovers everywhere: a quirky and entertaining interactive guide to reading, featuring voicemails, literary Easter eggs, checklists, and more, from the creators of the popular multimedia project. The Call Me Ishmael Phone Book is an interactive illustrated homage to the beautiful ways in which books bring meaning to our lives and how our lives bring meaning to books. Carefully crafted in the style of a retro telephone directory, this guide offers you a variety of unique ways to connect with readers, writers, bookshops, and life-changing stories. In it, you’ll discover... -Heartfelt, anonymous voicemail messages and transcripts from real-life readers sharing unforgettable stories about their most beloved books. You’ll hear how a mother and daughter formed a bond over their love for Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus, or how a reader finally felt represented after reading Gene Luen Yang’s American Born Chinese, or how two friends performed Mary Oliver’s Thirst to a grove of trees, or how Anne Frank inspired a young writer to continue journaling. -Hidden references inside fictional literary adverts like Ahab’s Whale Tours and Miss Ophelia’s Psychic Readings, and real-life literary landmarks like Maya Angelou City Park and the Edgar Allan Poe House & Museum. -Lists of bookstores across the USA, state by state, plus interviews with the book lovers who run them. -Various invitations to become a part of this book by calling and leaving a bookish voicemail of your own. -And more! Quirky, nostalgic, and full of heart, The Call Me Ishmael Phone Book is a love letter to the stories that change us, connect us, and make us human.

Better with Books PDF Book By Melissa Hart

Better with Books

  • Author: Melissa Hart
  • ISBN Code: : 1632172283
  • Publisher : Sasquatch Books
  • Page : 304 pages
  • Genre : Family & Relationships
  • Reviews : 826 Readers

Books Synopsis

Needed now more than ever: a guide that includes 500 diverse contemporary fiction and memoir recommendations for preteens and teens with the goal of inspiring greater empathy for themselves, their peers, and the world around them. As young people are diagnosed with anxiety and depression in increasing numbers, or dealing with other issues that can isolate them from family and friends–such as bullying, learning disabilities, racism, or homophobia–characters in books can help them feel less alone. And just as important, reading books that feature a diverse range of real-life topics helps generate openness, empathy, and compassion in all kids. Better with Books is a valuable resource for parents, teachers, librarians, therapists, and all caregivers who recognize the power of literature to improve young readers’ lives. Each chapter explores a particular issue affecting preteens and teens today and includes a list of recommended related books–all published within the last decade. Recommendations are grouped by age: those appropriate for middle-grade readers and those for teens. Reading lists are organized around: Adoption and foster care Body image Immigration Learning challenges LGBTQIA+ youth Mental health Nature and environmentalism Physical disability Poverty and homelessness Race and ethnicity Religion and spirituality

Simply Imperfect PDF Book By Robyn Griggs Lawrence

Simply Imperfect

  • Author: Robyn Griggs Lawrence
  • ISBN Code: : 1550924702
  • Publisher : New Society Publishers
  • Page : 177 pages
  • Genre : House & Home
  • Reviews : 815 Readers

Books Synopsis

This revised and updated edition of The Wabi-Sabi House recounts the history of this aesthetic philosophy and reveals ways to introduce it into your home. The ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi is about appreciating simplicity and letting go of the superficial—the perfect antidote to modern consumerism and perfectionism. In 2004, author Robyn Griggs Lawrence helped popularize wabi-sabi in North America with her book The Wabi-Sabi House. In Simply Imperfect, Lawrence shows that wabi-sabi is far more than a style of home décor. It’s a state of mind—a way of living modestly in the moment, stripping away the unnecessary, and finding satisfaction in everyday things. Tracing the rich history of wabi-sabi from its Zen Buddhist roots to the present day, this beautifully-illustrated book also offers tips on: Clearing clutter and blocking noise Integrating salvaged and recycled materials Making and growing things yourself (or supporting local artisans who do) Taking time and space for self-reflection

Serial Monogamy PDF Book By John P. Roach Jr.

Serial Monogamy

  • Author: John P. Roach Jr.
  • ISBN Code: : 1463474474
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Page : 152 pages
  • Genre : Family & Relationships
  • Reviews : 244 Readers

Books Synopsis

What is the purpose of Life? While working for Corporate America, Kent finds the answer and lives by a code that he has defined for himself for success, happiness and love. This is a true story taking place in Vermont and California. All names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Consciousness Detoured PDF Book By Miladine Etienne

Consciousness Detoured

  • Author: Miladine Etienne
  • ISBN Code: : 0578635372
  • Publisher : Molding Messengers, LLC
  • Page : 51 pages
  • Genre : Poetry
  • Reviews : 277 Readers

Books Synopsis

In this collection of short poems, the author uses her words to take readers on a journey through their most personal thoughts. The emotions captured on these pages are things we all experience and feel, and that allows the context to be extremely relatable. Get lost in this book as love, family, pain, and self-care are discussed. Truly a comfort read.

The Sworn Book of Honorius PDF Book By Honorius of Thebes

The Sworn Book of Honorius

  • Author: Honorius of Thebes
  • ISBN Code: : 0892546301
  • Publisher : Nicolas-Hays, Inc.
  • Page : 240 pages
  • Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Reviews : 750 Readers

Books Synopsis

As the title testifies, students were sworn to secrecy before being given access to this magic text, and only a few manuscripts have survived. Bits of its teachings, such as the use of the magic whistle for summoning spirits, are alluded to in other texts. Another key element of its ritual, the elaborate “Seal of God,” has been found in texts and amulets throughout Europe. Interest in The Sworn Book of Honorius has grown in recent years, yet no modern translations have been attempted—until now. Purporting to preserve the magic of Solomon in the face of intense persecution by religious authorities, this text includes one of the oldest and most detailed magic rituals. It contains a complete system of magic including how to attain the divine vision, communicate with holy angels, and control aerial, earthly, and infernal spirits for practical gain. Largely ignored by historians until recently, this text is an important witness to the transmission of Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism to European Hermeticists.

William Crookes (1832–1919) and the Commercialization of Science PDF Book By William H. Brock

William Crookes (1832–1919) and the Commercialization of Science

  • Author: William H. Brock
  • ISBN Code: : 1351872869
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Page : 586 pages
  • Genre : History
  • Reviews : 527 Readers

Books Synopsis

William Crookes' long life was one of unbroken scientific and business activity, culminating in his appointment as President of the Royal Society in 1913. Throughout his career he was an important science journalist, the discoverer of thallium, the inventor of the radiometer, investigator of cathode rays and the vacuum, a spectroscopist of significance in rare earth chemistry, and a spokesman for a chemical solution to the problems with the world's food supplies. He was also, and perhaps most controversially, an occultist who played a significant role in spiritualism in the 1870s, and was involved with D.D. Home (Browning's Mr Sludge) and other notable mediums of the day. Previous literature on Crookes has tended to focus on his involvement with the spiritualists, sometimes to the detriment of his many scientific achievements. This, the first biography of William Crookes, gives us the whole man: one of the most complex, public, and interesting figures in the history of science. Professor Brock guides us through the abundant catalogue of Crookes' accomplishments, placing his scientific activities in the context of the business of making a living from science - something that Crookes did principally as a science journalist and editor with his Chemical News (the model for today's Nature), and by business enterprises ranging from water analysis, sewerage schemes, and goldmining to the design of electric light bulbs. We also see Crookes in the lab, as an independent researcher, and learn the processes behind his discovery of thallium, his investigations into matter and energy, and his crucial work on cathode rays. We see the public man, the celebrity who was much sought after for his opinions on the latest discovery, and who was widely regarded as Britain's leading scientist at the beginning of the twentieth century. Scientist, spiritualist, entrepreneur: Sir William Crookes' extraordinary life and many endeavours provide a unique window into Victorian and Edwardian science and industry.