6 Best Free Online Courses with Certificates

Now choose your best free online courses with certificates in your hand. We know there are a lot of online learning platforms. So many bundles of courses are there, but as a beginner, we couldn’t pay a high amount a money course. I will discuss all top online educational sites that provide free online courses with free certificates immediately.

Free Online Courses with Certificates you must visit in 2020


Coursera is one of the leading online course platforms which really cares about professional courses training, for example, computer science and business degree types of courses. It offers a complete course syllabus video lecture with each chapter of quizzes, Programming exercises, complete notes & deadlines. courses are accredited by the very top leading global universities like Harvard and its certificates. it gives certificates with recognized real degrees that can be very useful for your career as well as in your resume.

If you enroll in the course directly it may cost you around between US$39-79 per month. But the good thing is that you can access Most of the courses with a 7-day free trial, after which you will be billed later.

But Don’t worry you have a very great opportunity is financial aid option on Coursera. In which after 15 days of submitting financial aid you will get 100% access to enroll in the course with a free certificate. But the limit is you have to score above 85% and 90% under financial aid to get a free certificate.

You can also enroll in some free courses which are generally available in the beginning. When any courses are launched on Coursera. But the limited thing is that you can’t get a certificate you have to pay for getting a certificate.

If you are very lazy to write 150 or 200 hundred words of financial aid then don’t worry just copy a financial aid essay from Google and paste it. 100%works that’s a pro tip for legends. But make sure in the last box you write a short paragraph of relevant information.

You receive a certificate just after completing all the assignments and quizzes and programming assignments. You can get some help in your exercises from GitHub to finishing any exercises.


Udemy is also a leading online course platform that really offers quality free online courses with certificates. You can find so many courses. It has all kinds of subjects e.g Management, Leadership, Digital Marketing, Photography, Mathematics, Meditation, Programming, etc. you can find all the courses at a reasonable price than other platforms. You can get courses from multiple numbers of authors with lifetime access to courses. So you can choose your interest author for particular courses.

Most of the courses on udemy are free. Just you need to tick mark on free under the filter. The great thing is Udemy provide certificates of completion for both paid and free courses. However, udemy certificate couldn’t give you a job. But apart from it They can really help you qualify for jobs.

unlock udemy free certificate courses.

3. BitDegree

BitDegree is started in   2017. Which is an online educational platform and provides many online courses with free certificates.  It has both paid and free courses. Here you can get a different variety of courses according to your interested fields. You can choose courses from computer science IT, Management, Marketing, Business, BlockChain, design, personal development and etc.

4. Skillshare

It is an American online learning platform, which provides many educational videos and tutorials. Skillshare courses are not accredited and available through subscription.  Its main goal is to learning by completing a project. so basically skillshare doesn’t provide you a certificate but you can really learn quality educational video tutorials.

5. Edx

Edx is one of the popular learning platforms where you can find both certificate and non-certificate courses. The best thing is that this site provides you really good course just free of cost but for the certificate, you have to some amount. these courses are recognized by very well-reputed universities like Harvard.

6. Udacity

Udacity doesn’t provide all free courses but you can pick some sponsored courses from INTEL on udacity for more information explorer this site.


Here I have discussed some online platforms which offer free online courses with certificate and non-certificate. some of them may charge you for the certificate but some of them provide free online courses with certificates. These sites which I have mentioned over here from my personal experience and research basic.

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