5 Best Stock Market Books by Indian Authors

The stock market is the biggest meeting platform for stock buyers and sellers. There are a lot of stock market books by Indian authors. If you are really passionate about the stock market, then have a look at this post till the end. Here, I have prepared Indian stock market books for beginners.

This blog post has listed some best books for stock market beginners. These books would really help you regarding historical perspective and smart way of doing trading every day. You can easily learn basic to advance stock market terms from these books.

If you want to become a professional in the field of stock market investment, then you must be aware of some core ideas behind this. It’s all about patience and smart work. You must be passionate about yourself.

Important books for Investment in the Stock Market

  1. Stocks to Riches Insights by Parikh

Well, this book is written by well-known Indian author Parag Parikh and discussed almost all problems and mistakes, which usually beginner investors made in the stock market. It’s very easy to understand, and perfect for beginner investors in the battle of the stock market. The author is himself the founder of PPFAS mutual fund.

This book has remarked all possible mistakes, which beginners or new bay generally made, and let a lot of money at the stake.  This book has talked about sentiment among the investors, investor beavers, analysts’ role in the market, and market analysis.

  • Very knowledgeable for beginners
  • Tested and proven Solutions
  • Discussed major  factors in the stock market
  • Affordable price and value for money
  1. Loss and Earn by P Paul

This book has tried to cover all the best possible scenarios in the stock market and winning strategies in order to returns from the market. The book discusses all basic to the professional ways of investing in the stock market. You can also learn 2 min of fast strategy or rejection in stocks, and inconsistency in financial reports.

The book has also figured out financial ratios along with figures such as  ROE, ROCE, PE, EPS, etc. You can also easily identify quality worthy stocks with the help of this book. This book includes fundamental analysis, Stock Picking, Buying and selling, Constructing the Portfolio, and etc. You must aware of some bad recommendations of stocks by stockbrokers.

3. Investing & Behavior by parag

This is another great stock market investing book by Indian author Parag Parikh. The author has clearly explained value stock and growth stock. This book is specially made for investors and not for traders. The author has clearly shared his insights and experience in in-depth analysis.

However, this book didn’t include financial statements, ratio analysis, and calculation of the intrinsic value of the stock price. This book will teach you long term value and worthy investment strategies. All the tips discussed in this book have tested and proven steps by the Author.

4. Value Investor’s Guide by Rahul S

This book will also helpful for foreign investors who are willing to do invest in India. Resourceful Author has discussed all his honest opinions about all possible relevant for value investing in India. However, this book has focused only on investors.

You will also learn the Indian economy, land and real estate, capital allocation, business fundamentals, financial strength culture, RBI, SEBI, and many investment strategies from this book. The author has explained his practical case studies about topics. Some key features of this book are Charts of stocks, India’s politics and governance, real estate market analysis, and many more.

5. Analysis for Investors by R Palat

In stock market investing, you must be aware of company sales, company’s management, earnings, dividends, industry perspective, and many more. So, you can learn the practical analysis from this book, which will return in long term for you.

The author has very well knowledge of stock market investing and trading. He has written more than thirty books. His books contain full of illustrations explanations, economic analysis, company’s management, the value of a share,  company analysis, and cash flow in the stock market. You can learn all fundamentals of investment decisions and many relevant ideas about trading, which contains long-term profit.


My final word is to be aware of some bad brokers and take every decision wisely. There are many ways to learn the investment and flow of the stock market. You may find some other excellent stock market books by Indian authors in future days, but all the books that I mentioned above are based on the best customer review, long-term profit strategy ideas, and quality content. I personally recommend you to go with Stocks to riches by Parag Parikh or the second book How to Avoid Loss and Earn Consistently by P Paul. I hope you learn all smart strategy and ideas from these books and make a long term profit.

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